Drop out recognition and prevention training programme for VET teachers and trainers with special focus on dual VET systems

The initial Vocational Education Training (VET) sector appears to be a quite complex and comhensive matter in the European education systems, especially the situation that the involvement of practical training at the work place is included in different ways in the European countries and the responsibility for VET training of apprentices is shared by teachers from VET schools as well as apprenticeship trainers and responsible persons at the workplace creates a difficult environment for supporting teachers and trainers in an appropriate way.

The main aim of the STAY IN project was the provision of better support for teachers and trainers in the initial vocational education training (VET) sector in the participating countries and beyond which is coherent with national and European policies against early school leaving.

Started in November 2013, STAY IN was a 2 year-long project, funded by Leonardo da Vinci –Transfer of Innovation under Lifelong Learning Program, with activities planned throughout 8 different European countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Turkey.

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