Additional Activities

Country-specific dissemination and exploitation activities – carried out during the last 2 years – can be found in the individual areas of the partners on this webpage. 


1-2 October 2015 | Vilnius, Lithuania

NeTWBL Conference: Work-based Learning TOOLKIT goes live!

The NetWBL aimed to strengthen work-based learning  (WBL) elements in existing Vocational Education and  Training (VET) systems and Higher Education (HE) and to support apprenticeships in particular.
Participants: Representatives of EACEA, the network NetWBL, stakeholders, representatives of programme countries’ and Lithuanian VET and HE institutions, as well as business organizations and SME’s, Erasmus+ National Agencies, other organizations.

During the market place, the Austrian prepresentative had the possiblity to share information (leaf lets) about the STAY IN project.