Final Conference

On September 29th, 2015, the final Conference of Stay IN took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands with the participation of 67 stakeholders from the partner organisations, teachers, company trainers, school coordinators and members of the Dutch government.

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The plenary part of the conference began with a welcoming speech of Ms Ellen Verhajen from MBO Raad and a representative from the STC-Group. The current situation and challenge of ESL and drop out from initial VET in Europa and an overview about the Stay IN Project was presented by the coordinator Ms Michaela Meier. The both keynote speakers Mr Dennis von Gessel from the Ministry of Education and Ms Ilya Zitter from the University of Applied Sciences gave a lecture on different concepts from the integration of school learning and learning at the workplace on European level and in The Netherlands.

Current situation and challenges – Meier, AT
Tackling Early School Leaving in the Netherlands – Van Gessel, NL
Crossing the school-work boundary – Zitter, NL

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The afternoon session of the conference was divided into two separate tracks:
The International track addressed on the results of six country projects and the participants received examples of the developed training modules and tools. The approx. 40 participants of the Dutch track had a debate about the importance of guidance during students’ apprenticeship training with a special focus on low skilled students.

STAY IN – Presentation NL
STAY IN – Presentation AT
STAY IN – Presentation DE
STAY IN – Presentation FI
STAY IN – Presentation BG
STAY IN – Presentation TR

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The final part of the afternoon session was dedicated to a panel discussion. The audience was strongly interested in the discussion. During this session, participants had the opportunity to ask questions to all partner representatives and speakers, and discussed matters related to the topic of Stay IN.

Download: Final Conference Summary

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