Project Objectives

Project Objectives

The STAY IN project transfered an innovative training programme for VET teachers in school based VET systems and VET / apprenticeship trainers in companies to

  • identify potential risk factors for drop out and
  • obtain strategies and instruments to prevent drop out

The elaborated training programmes were widely tested during the STAY IN project with the goal of a better support for VET teachers and trainers with the challenges of eary school leavers (ESL). The training programme is:

  • compact and easy to apply
  • relevant for both school and dual VET training systems and teachers
  • innovative on methodological level
  • teacher and trainer competence oriented

With the training programme provided and elaborated during the STAY IN project, VET teachers and especially also VET trainers and apprenticeship trainers from companies involved in dual VET systems get a number of crucial competences and know how to prevent drop out on the basis of two well tested and successful predecessor project results which were subject to transfer of innovation into the initial VET field. To reflect the duality of school based and partially work based VET systems, one of the project results origins from the school ESL (School Inclusion project) field and the other one relates to workplace based VET, entrepreneurial competences and creativity to prevent ESL (CESSIT project).

Subaims for the project have been:

  • Identification of adaptation potential for the two transfer products
  • Adaptation of training products to needs identified for school based and dual initial VET
  • Testing of training programme for VET teachers and trainers in the partner countries
  • Dissemination and exploitation of results in the sector in partner countries and beyond