Stakeholder Round Tables


Exploitation & Stakeholder meeting at Bornova District National Education Directorate – Izmir, Turkey

On 22 October 2015, a STAY IN meeting was held in Seyit Şanlı Vocational and Technical High School with 54 school headmasters, assistant of headmasters and VET teachers from Bornova town.

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The purpose of the conference was:
– to reduce Early School Leaving at schools
– to take precautions to make students stay at schools
– to discuss the precautions as to Early School Leaving at schools in Bornova town

During the Meeting the STAY IN Project and the results (such as the developed handbooks) were shared with the participants. After a presentation by Mr. Bakay concerning the project, a coffebreak with refreshment was organized and questions have been answered by Mr. Bakay.

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 Roundtable of stakeholders -Dobrich, Bulgaria October 5, 2015

The round table of stakeholders within the project STAY IN in Dobrich, Bulgaria was held  on October 5, 2015. It was attended by Ms. Kamelia Koycheva – Deputy Mayor “Humanitarian Activities” Dobrich Municipality, Dr. Hristo Boev – Head of the Regional Education Inspection (RIO) – Dobrich, representatives of vocational schools in Dobrich, Dobrich RIO Department “Education and Culture” – Dobrich Municipality, the Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute, businessmen.

During the meeting Tatyana Gicheva – representative of the project team of CCI-Dobrich presented the results and the elaborated materials, and the possibilities of using the developed tools. Both she and Mrs. Koycheva shared impressions of the final conference, which took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on 29 September.

The participants discussed the opportunities for the promotion of project results and sustainability and the application of the Handbook for teachers and trainers, containing following modules:

1. Working with students at risk and drop outs students
2. Tools for the development of creativity
3. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
4. Training methods

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Exploitation Seminar – 24 September 2015 – WinNova – Pori, Liisanpuisto, Finland

The seminar was organized in co-operation with other projects in WinNova & other organizations. The seminar was presented under the title: Where is vocational education heading? The target public was the management of national vocational institutions.

The seminar speakers represented the following organisations:
1. Finnish Association for the Development of Vocational Education and Training AMKE ry
2. University of Turku (anticipating the future of vocational education)
3. Finnish national board of education
4. WinNova
5. Sataedu

The STAY IN project was presented in the project´s exhibiton.

Altogether 42 participants:
Representing 14 vocational institutions from nearby regions (Satakunta, Pirkanmaa, Varsinais-Suomi, Uusimaa), mainly managers (managers of fields of study, project managers, principals, CEOs).
Also FNBE and Finnish Association for the Development of Vocational Education and Training AMKE ry.

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Stakeholder round table – 6 March 2015, WinNova – Pori, Finland

The main objective was to inform the other vocational institution in Satakunta about STAY IN project and get development proposals from internal and external stakeholders in order to make the STAY IN products even better.

Internally administration and development manager, project coordinator (responsible for all international projects), manager of field of study, project personnel, 4 vocational teachers (participants of STAY IN pilot training).
From outside 3 persons from Sataedu (vocational institution in Satakunta region): development manager, project coordinator, project Manager.

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Exploitation Roundtables  – 5 times between 27 July and 16 October 2015 – BBW in der DAA – Schwerin, Germany

Between 27th of July and 16th of October 2015 in total 5 Exploitation Roundtables were carried out in Germany. More information about the individual roundtables you can find within the presentation: Roundtables in Germany




Stakeholder Roundtable  – 22. April 2015 – Jugend am Werk Steiermark – AMS Leibnitz, Graz

A stakeholder roundtable under the titel: “Assistance offers for finding vocational training opportunities for disadvantaged young people” was held on 22 April 2015 at the Public Employment Service, Leibnitz (South-Styria) – Austria 23 school teachers from the “New Secondary School” in South-Styria, managers from different VET training institutions, Youth coaches in the interface between school and VET as well as professional career discussed opportunities for disadvantaged young people and experts from the Public Employment Service.

– What are the special challenges for teachers
– How can support tools help them in their work with disadvantaged youth
  (such as, the STAY training programme)
– Further perspectives for students with disadvantages after compulsory
– How can a cooperation be fostered in future: School – VET-institutions –
Public Employment Service (Career guidance)