Transnational Meetings

Transnational Meetings

Four times within the project period a transnational working meeting will be organised, where the partnership can discuss the strategy, tasks and organisational details, have discussions on results and analysis and can have a common decision on important questions.

1st Transnational Partner Meeting, January 2014 / Graz – AUSTRIA

From January 16 to 17, 2014, the project partners met for their first transnational meeting in Graz. With all core partners from Austria, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Bulgaria and Turkey we discussed in detail the project objectives, aims, process and the different project phases. A lively exchange between the participants followed.

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Meeting agenda: N1 1st Transfer meeting Agenda_Graz_STAY IN
Meeting minutes: N1 1st Transfer meeting minutes_Graz_AT


 2nd Transnational Partner-Meeting, March2014 / Izmir – TURKEY

On 24 and 25 March 2014 the project partners from the eight countries had their second exchange meeting. It was hosted by EGECED in Izmir, Turkey. The partners presented and jointly analysed the results from the surveys of demand they had carried by means of questionnaires and interviews over the past months in the transfer countries (AT, DE, BG, TR, FI, and NL).

The resulting needs analyses, which will now be summed up in individual country reports, are the basis for adapting and developing individual training programmes for VET teaching and training staff in the respective countries.

Since both the project-relevant stakeholders as well as the VET systems in the various countries are very different from each other, the project partners agreed to develop the STAY IN modules independently and, thus, make them very individual as well as demand- and country-specific. The two basic products, SCHOOL INCLUSION and CESSIT, present a solid foundation of existing materials. However, the upcoming project phase will be very intense and we will need to master big tasks within the next few months.

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Meeting agenda: N2 2nd Transfer meeting Agenda_Izmir_STAY IN
Meeting minutes: N2 2nd Meeting MINUTES Izmir_STAY IN


3rd Transnational Partner Meeting, November 2014 / Schwerin – GERMANY

On 13 and 14 November 2014 the 3rd Partner Meeting was organized and carried out by DDA-Schwerin.

As some time had elapsed since the last meeting the partnership started with the reflection and presentation on the developed individual training programmes in the transfer countries AT, DE, BG, TR, FI und NL.

SPI as the competent organisation for the internal Quality Management presented the evaluation results of the last project meeting and the previous project phase; PIXEL, our responsible partner organisation for dissemination  explained the results of the summarized Country-reports and provided useful Information about the further dissemination strategy.

The upcoming piloting – which will be carried out between  December 2014 and May 2015 in Austria, Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, Bulgaria and Turkey – the partnership developed and fixed the necessary evaluation criteria for this project phase.

The next and final meeting will be held end of September 2015 together with the final conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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Meeting agenda: 3rd Meeting Agenda Schwerin – DE
Meeting minutes: 3th Meeting MINUTES Schwerin_STAY IN


4th Transnational Partner Meeting, September 2015 / Rotterdam – THE NETHERLANDS

The final meeting was carried out by the partner organisation MBO Raad on 28 and 30 September 2015 in Rotterdam. The meeting was located at the STC-Group and a wonderful view around the harbour.
STC Group is the common abbreviation for the Shipping and Transport College Group an international maritime transport and logistics education Provider.

The STAY IN training programmes are completed. Nevertheless, at the beginning of the meeting the partnership summarized and evaluated the pilot training which was carried out during the 2nd half of the project period in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland and Turkey. The main focus during the meeting was on the developement of common and country-specific measures to guarantee the sustainability in the transfer countries.

The partner organisations expressed their high satisfaction with the final results and the preparation of the final project steps during the meeting. 

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